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Top Foods for Enhancing Cognitive Function in Ageing Adults

There are many different ways older adults can live healthier lives. Dietary concerns remain a major factor. For the protection of cognitive health, some foods rate at the top of the list.


Salmon, sardines, and trout are fantastic fatty fish options because they’re high in omega-3 fatty acids. Up to 30 percent of the brain’s white matter consists of these fatty acids, which are necessary to enable neurons to replicate, grow, and mature. Omega-3 fatty acids are also present in the areas of the brain responsible for learning, memory, and mood regulation. Seniors whose diets are deficient in these compounds are more likely to experience depression and cognitive impairment.

A professional care worker can be a wonderful source of support and information when it comes to getting proper nutrition. Maintaining a high quality of life can be challenging for some seniors, but professional care workers can help them obtain this goal. Families can trust North Coast senior home care experts to help their elderly loved ones focus on lifestyle choices that increase the chances of living a longer and healthier life.


Blueberries and other dark-coloured varieties of berries contain compounds known as anthocyanins. These chemicals have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics and protect the brain from potential damage. Elevated blood sugar, infection, and free radicals cause inflammation and age neurons prematurely, which commonly leads to cell death. The high fiber content of berries keeps blood sugar lower. The compounds are also known to enhance cognitive function by fueling neurons while providing vitamins and minerals.

Dark Green Vegetables

Dark green vegetables contain potent antioxidants and are a great source of brain-boosting nutrients. Along with providing calcium, dark green vegetables and legumes provide the B vitamin known as folate. Folate is needed for DNA and RNA function and repair, and it’s known to increase nitric oxide levels, which dilates blood vessels. Thus, neurons receive the oxygen and nutrients needed from blood flow. Folate is also needed to alter homocysteine. High levels of homocysteine have been linked to cognitive impairment.

Family carers need to pay attention to their health needs too, and that involves self-care and taking time to nurture their own wellbeing. Families who find it difficult to care for their ageing loved ones without assistance can benefit greatly from professional respite care. North Coast, NSW, family carers who need a break from their caring duties can turn to Home Care Assistance. Using our proprietary Balanced Care Method, our respite care workers can encourage your loved one to eat well, exercise regularly, get plenty of mental and social stimulation, and focus on other lifestyle factors that promote longevity.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruit is an ideal source of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system. Diets high in vitamin C have been shown to protect the brain from developing dementia-related disorders. The body absorbs the nutrient better in its natural form compared to taking supplements. Citrus fruits also offer an abundance of antioxidants that prevent free radical damage.


In addition to providing necessary protein, eggs are rich in choline, folate, and vitamins B6 and B12. Choline is needed to create the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is responsible for memory and mood regulation. Women need 425 milligrams of choline daily, while men require 550 milligrams a day. One egg contains 112 milligrams of choline. The B-complex vitamins are essential for nerve and neuron function as well as mood and blood sugar regulation. Diets rich in B vitamins have been shown to protect the brain against age-related cognitive decline.


Almonds, pecans, walnuts, and other nuts are rich in protein, fiber, and vitamin E, which aids the body’s natural immunity in preventing infection. It’s also necessary to ensure the DHA form of omega-3 fatty acids capably protects the brain and brain function. Seeds and dark green vegetables are also good sources of vitamin E.

A trained professional care worker can be an ideal resource when you’re trying to help your senior loved one lead a healthier lifestyle. Not every senior has the same care needs, which means they don’t all need the same type of elder care. North Coast families can rely on Home Care Assistance to provide individualised care plans to meet your elderly loved one’s unique care needs. Our holistic Balanced Care Method was designed to help seniors focus on healthy lifestyle habits such as eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, and maintaining strong social ties, and our Cognitive Therapeutics Method offers mentally stimulating activities that can stave off cognitive decline and delay the onset of dementia. For reliable in-home care services, contact us at (02) 6646 3527 today.