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Tips for Traveling with Your Elderly Loved One

When planning a trip with a senior, you may need to keep health and safety in mind more than with a younger person in tow, which means a few extra accommodations may need to be made. The staff at Home Care Assistance North Coast has a few tips for safe and smooth traveling with your senior loved one.

Get Medical Clearance

Contact your loved one’s health care physician before you make any travel plans. Special vaccinations, supplements, or medications may be needed if he or she has any mental heath issues, such as anxiety.

Study the Destination

Before traveling to an unfamiliar city, get a map and learn the locations of the nearest medical clinics within the area. To prevent unnecessary delays, pack your loved one’s medical details and insurance information.

Acquire Appropriate Transportation

Consider renting a minivan with two accessible doors. If your loved one uses a walker or wheelchair, measure the dimensions to ensure a proper fit.
When booking a flight, request a seat specifically designed for a disabled passenger if necessary. Also, ask about the airline’s meal services and snack options if your loved one has unique dietary needs.

Pack Essential Items

If the car ride or flight to the destination will last for several hours, give your loved one supportive stockings. The elastic material can help prevent numbness and blood clots. Make sure there is plenty of water available so your loved one can stay hydrated throughout the trip.

Follow a Routine

Seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease often tackle tasks in very specific ways to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress. This is why sleep, meal, and medication schedules should occur at similar times each day.

Prepare for Emergency Situations

If your loved one plans to venture out into the city alone, make sure he or she has a cell phone with your phone number programmed in it. If he or she has any cognitive impairment, put your contact details on an ID tag and place it in an easily accessible location, such as your loved one’s pocket.

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