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5 Important Questions for an Aging Adult’s Doctor

Taking your senior loved one to a doctor is a part of your caregiving duties, and questioning the doctor helps you provide better care for your loved one. Here are 5 questions North Coast senior home care experts suggest you should ask your loved one’s doctor.

1. How Can the Condition Be Treated?

Several health conditions in seniors have multiple treatment options. In some instances, the doctor may suggest watchful waiting, while other cases may require immediate surgery or medication. Either way, it is important to understand your options to help your loved one make the best decision.

2. What Can We Expect with the New Prescriptions?

When your senior loved one requires a new prescription, it is important to review how the medicine will impact his or her daily routine. For example, the doctor may advise your loved one to not drive due to side effects such as dizziness. Learning about side effects helps professional North Coast home caregivers arrange for services such as transportation and medication management to ensure your loved one’s wellbeing.

3. Is My Loved One at Risk of Other Conditions?

Certain health conditions can cause serious problems if not managed properly. Your loved one’s doctor can offer strategies to minimise the risk. For instance, a senior with vertigo may require help walking to prevent fall-related injuries.

4. Are Lifestyle Changes Necessary?

Early screening helps your loved one prevent serious health conditions in future. Asking the doctor about lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthier diet or doing therapeutic exercises for arthritis, may preserve your loved one’s overall health. It allows you to make tailored caregiving plans as your loved one works toward living a healthier lifestyle.

5. How Will This Affect His or Her Future?

It is painful to hear bad news at a doctor visit. However, finding out how a new medical condition can affect your loved one’s future allows you to manage his or her health better. Knowing what to do when your loved one requires around-the-clock care or delaying the onset of memory loss enables seniors to lead a happy and healthy life.

Regular checkups, timely medication reminders, and physical activities are important for seniors, and hiring a professional caregiver at Home Care Assistance can prove useful in managing these and various other tasks. Our live-in and hourly caregivers assist seniors with their daily activities, encourage exercise and healthy eating, and provide reliable transportation for appointments to help boost your aging loved one’s health and help him or her lead a healthy life. To learn more about our high-quality live-in and respite care, North Coast, NSW, residents can call us at (02) 6646 3527.