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How to Boost Caregiver Wellbeing for 2017

Live-in and hourly North Coast caregivers often enter the position because they want to see their senior receive the best care possible. Unfortunately, many do not take good care of themselves, so they burn out. To avoid this common problem, make sure to take care of yourself this year.

Choose a Healthy Diet

Many North Coast home caregivers focus so much on what the senior eats that they forget to eat a healthy diet themselves. Concentrate on eating a variety of nutritious foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals each day.

Increase Activity Levels

Many caregivers know that they are not getting enough physical activity daily. Make sure you set aside a part of your day to exercise. You can exercise to television shows, go for a brisk walk outside or even exercise on a stationary bike. Concentrate on building your core strength and make sure to use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury.

Learn Something New

Many caregivers spend hours researching how they can take better care of their senior, but they forget to set aside time to learn about something that interests them. Set aside a portion of each day to learn about something that will enrich your mind. Some ideas include taking a music class, learning to cook or simply taking an interest in current or world events.

Find Your Creative Side

Studies show that creative people tend to be happier, which is an important factor in avoiding caregiver burnout. Therefore, spend a part of each day doing something creative. It can be writing in a journal, playing a piece of music, painting or doing a favourite craft.

Connect with Nature

Caregivers often spend countless hours inside, which cuts them off from beneficial sunlight and fresh air. Make sure to break this habit in 2017 by spending a portion of each day outside. When possible, reconnect with nature by going on a walk or feeding the birds.

Connect with Others

Make sure that you have some place where you can release your true feelings. Some people have a friend that they can share with while others find online forums and social media groups very helpful. Whatever method you choose, try to spend a part of each day connecting with those outside of your immediate environment.

It can be difficult to carry out these activities if you don’t have enough time to yourself. To get a little time for rest and relaxation, turn to Home Care Assistance today. We provide flexible live-in, hourly and respite at-home care North Coast families can trust to look after their aged loved ones while they are out and about. Call (02) 6646 3527 today to set up a free consultation and learn more about our comprehensive in-home care.