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6 Ways to Remain Positive in the Senior Years

Maintaining a positive outlook goes a long way toward boosting overall health. A happy mindset reduces stress, protects immunity, repels depression, and promotes cognitive function. Here are a few ways your senior loved one can remain positive in the golden years.

1. Help At Least One Person Daily

Feeling needed makes life worthwhile, especially after retirement. When your loved one helps someone, the gesture may add meaning and purpose to life. Being productive raises confidence and self-esteem. The act of giving back releases vital brain chemicals such as dopamine that boost happiness and motivation. Closeness with others stimulates the release of oxytocin, a hormone that builds compassion and trust. While engaged in helpful tasks, your loved one may forget about the challenges he or she is facing. Kind deeds prevent isolation by forming social connections, and they also fortify immunity.

To aid someone daily, your loved one can:

  • Offer compliments

  • Write a thank-you note

  • Make an encouraging phone call

  • Volunteer in the community or at church

  • Donate money or belongings to charity

Seniors who need help with daily tasks or regular social stimulation to stay positive should consider professional in-home care. North Coast home care professionals can be a wonderful boon to seniors. Whether they require around-the-clock supervision or just need assistance with exercise and household tasks a few days a week, seniors can enjoy a higher quality of life with the help of trusted in-home care workers.

2. Engage in Healthy Hobbies

Pursuing favourite pastimes can reinforce self-worth and make your loved one feel competent. Gratifying activities are stress-relieving, and hobbies that spark enthusiasm and creativity encourage an interest in living. Pursuits that involve exercise can make your loved one feel physically active. By sharing passions with like-minded folks, your loved one can strengthen relationship and ease loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Interacting with others stimulates the intellect and keeps the mind sharp.

To hone problem-solving skills, provide your senior loved one with crossword puzzles and word searches. Reading is a relaxing way to increase focus, comprehension, and vocabulary. Encourage a pleasurable form of exercise such as gardening, walking, and dancing, if possible. Board games ensure socialisation, and birdwatching can be fascinating. Creativity flows during painting, scrapbooking, and cooking, and creating handcrafts offers a distraction from aches and pains. A senior woman may enjoy needlework such as knitting, quilting, crocheting, beading, and embroidery, while an elderly man may find fulfilment in woodworking.

3. Create Opportunities to Laugh

Laughing increases circulation, relaxes muscles, and releases endorphins, which are hormones that reduce pain, tension, and frustration. Finding the humour in challenges can help your loved one manage them.

To invite laughter, your loved one can watch hilarious movies and comedy shows or read comics from the Sunday newspaper. Tell your loved one funny stories and jokes, or buy humorous books for him or her.

Get in touch with Home Care Assistance to find out how a Tweed Heads, New South Wales, caregiver can help your ageing loved one live a longer, healthier, and happier life. Our care workers are available 24/7, all of our senior care services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we never ask our clients to sign long-term contracts. 

4. Adopt a Pet

Daily affection from a pet can be highly gratifying. A devoted pet companion staves off loneliness, worry, and depression. With a calming effect, a pet lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and stress. Taking a pet dog out for a walk offers a good exercise, while stroking a cat confers contentment. Dogs and cats comfort people when they sense sadness, and their daily antics inspire laughter.

Pet interaction raises endorphin levels, and cuddling a sweet animal releases oxytocin. If your loved one can provide pet care, he or she has purposeful activity that raises self-esteem.

5. Eat Mood-Boosting Foods

Apples – The antioxidant quercetin found in apples fuels acetylcholine, a brain chemical that sharpens memory. Other antioxidants in apples raise dopamine and boost cognitive function. Vitamin C lowers anxiety. Pectin is a type of fibre that balances blood sugar.

Asparagus – Tasty asparagus spears are full of tryptophan, an essential amino acid. B vitamins promote alertness and prevent depression. Chromium steadies blood sugar and prevents irritability from glucose surges.

Avocado – Supplying healthy fat, avocado aids assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins, crucial for brain function. B vitamins combat tension. Avocado is rich in tryptophan and tyrosine, used to produce dopamine. Omega-3 fatty acids stave off depression.

Berries – Saturated with antioxidants, berries boost cognitive ability and slow the ageing process. Berries are also steeped in vitamin C and manganese, a trace mineral required by the nervous system.

Eggs – One egg fulfils 20 percent of the daily need for tryptophan. Eggs also contribute omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B and D, spurring serotonin production. High-quality protein can keep your loved one alert. Eggs also contain choline, which supports memory, and vitamin E, which shields against Alzheimer’s disease.

Lentils – This hearty legume provides 90 percent of the daily need for folate, fighting depression. Other nutrients that promote positive moods are B vitamins, tryptophan, chromium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Sunflower Seeds – The yields of sunflowers are rich in magnesium, tryptophan, and folate, promoting calmness. One-quarter cup of seeds meets 37 percent of the daily need for manganese.

Tomatoes – Lycopene is a red pigment that quells inflammation, inspires joy, and aids mental function. Research shows that people with Alzheimer’s disease have low blood levels of lycopene.

Walnuts – Supplying magnesium, walnuts stave off depression. Other agents of bright moods are tryptophan, folate, vitamin B6, and omega-3 fatty acids.

6. Spend Time with Grandchildren

If your family includes grandkids, plan visits with your loved one. When seniors impart skills and wisdom to children, they feel valued. A woman might share her cooking tips, along with gardening and needlework expertise. From a man, perhaps kids can learn household repair and car maintenance.

The vibrancy of young children may keep your loved one mentally engaged. Studies show that when seniors interact with children, they enhance their ability to communicate and make decisions.

If your loved one needs help making healthy lifestyle choices, consider hiring a dedicated care worker. Find out today if your family is eligible for a Tweed Heads, NSW, home care package. Once you’ve been assessed, reach out to Home Care Assistance to create a customised care plan that can best meet your elderly loved one’s care needs. Our professional in-home care workers can assist with meal prep, medication management, personal hygiene tasks, and much more. To create a customised home care package for your ageing loved one, call one of our professional Care Managers at (02) 6646 3527 today.