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How to Spot a Stroke in Your Elderly Loved One

As strokes are one of the leading health conditions affecting seniors, becoming familiar with the most common symptoms of stroke may help family members and caregivers detect strokes as soon as possible. If you’re a caregiver for an elderly relative, being aware of signs of stroke can help ensure your loved one receives early treatment. To help familiarise you with stroke symptoms, the aged care experts at North Coast Home Care Assistance discuss four of the most common symptoms.

1. Speech Difficulty
Often one of the first and most obvious signs of a problem, seniors having a stroke may experience slurred speech, obvious confusion, or a sudden inability to remember names and common words. If your elderly loved one is normally verbal and communicative and suddenly has trouble speaking, call 911 or head to the nearest emergency room immediately.

2. Arm Weakness
If your loved one is exhibiting weakness on one side of his body, ask him or her to raise both arms above his or her head. An inability to follow your directions or one arm drifting downward can be a sign of trouble, so you or a part-time caregiver in North Coast should seek immediate medical attention, which can greatly decrease the long-term complications of a stroke.

3. Difference in the Face
Strokes often affect only one side of the body, or one side much more than the other, so keep an eye out for sudden weakness localised to one side. Check your elderly loved ones face for unusual facial expressions and for facial drooping on one half of the face. If only one side of your loved one’s mouth goes up when he or she attempts to smile or if his or her tongue drifts to one side, it may be the sign of a stroke.

4. Sudden or Severe Headache
Although nearly everyone experiences headaches at times, for seniors a sudden headache is something to watch out for. If your loved one complains of a severe headache or one that comes on hard with no warning, call his or her physician for further instruction.

If your loved one has experienced a stroke, a professional stroke caregiver in North Coast can help promote an efficient recovery. At Home Care Assistance, our stroke caregivers are expertly trained to assist with a variety of in-home tasks, like cooking, cleaning, and navigating the home, as well as safely following physician-recommended physical therapy routines, to help ensure your loved one is able to recover comfortably in his or her own home. To learn more about our stroke care and other aged care services, reach out to a knowledgeable Care Manager a (02) 6646 3527 and schedule a free no-obligation consultation.