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How Exercise Helps Seniors Manage Stress

The causes of stress in the golden years can vary, but it frequently has a negative impact on a senior’s overall wellbeing. North Coast senior care experts believe managing stress is important for seniors and easier for them to do when they are physically active. Here are some of the many ways exercise can help your elderly loved one manage, or even reduce, his or her stress levels.


This form of exercise helps seniors reduce stress and anxiety by clearing the mind and enhancing mood. When your loved one participates in yoga, he or she will likely feel happier and more comfortable, which can help him or her avoid stressors that cause anxiety. When the body relaxes while doing yoga, the symptoms associated with depression lower, helping your loved one manage stress levels.


When your loved one takes walks around the neighbourhood or does walking exercises at home, endorphins are released, which reduces stress hormones and alleviates mild depression. Walking on a regular basis increases the production of feel-good endorphins in your loved one’s body, enhancing his or her mood and self-esteem.

Water Aerobics

Much like swimming, water aerobics can help your loved one become more buoyant. This is also one of the easiest exercises your loved one can do to control his or her stress levels. The endorphins water aerobics releases into the body are sometimes referred to as mood-lifting substances or natural painkillers. These positive substances can help your loved one reduce depression and properly manage stress.

Tai Chi

This exercise focuses on relaxation, which also happens to be the perfect antidote for stress. Tai chi helps remove the negative emotions and tensions inside your loved one’s body, which begins to reduce stress immediately. When your loved one does tai chi, he or she is relaxing the nervous system while receiving mental, physical, and emotional relief.

Regular exercise is good for reducing stress, but it can also help your loved one stay healthy in many other ways. If your loved could use some help maintaining a regular exercise routine, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers can encourage him or her to be physically active and provide assistance if he or she has limited mobility. For more information on part-time and live-in home care North Coast seniors and their families trust, call one of our qualified Care Managers at (02) 6646 3527 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.