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Why Are Eggs Healthy for Seniors?

Many researchers believe eggs should be considered a superfood because they contain a wealth of important nutrients, many of which are especially beneficial for the elderly. North Coast home care experts discuss a few of the advantages of including eggs in your senior loved one’s diet.

Promote Eye Health

With age, a senior’s eyesight is likely to decrease, and macular degeneration and cataracts are two of the most common and potentially life-altering changes. Eggs are filled with the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which have been clinically proven to help prevent and reduce the progression of these two eye disorders. Eggs also contain high amounts of vitamin A, which helps prevent deficiencies that can cause significant vision impairment, including blindness.

Packed with Protein

A single large egg has around 70 calories, most of that from protein, an essential building block of all parts of the body. For seniors, this can mean stronger muscles, better organ function, and strengthened immune response. In addition, eggs have all the critical amino acids in the perfect ratios for metabolic function.

Loaded with Vitamins

Eggs contain reasonably high levels of some critically important vitamins. Some of the vitamins particularly crucial for seniors include:

  • Vitamin B12 – Stabilises mood and metabolism
  • Vitamin B2 – Promotes healthy vision and red blood cell repair and regeneration
  • Vitamin B5 – Promotes skin cell regeneration and a healthy nervous system
  • Choline – Aids in the insulation of brain and nervous cell membranes, and is often lacking in the average senior diet

Good for Cholesterol Levels

For years it was thought high-cholesterol foods like eggs were dangerous, but it has been found they do not raise bad cholesterol levels. In fact, they can actually positively impact a senior’s good cholesterol levels. There is also significant evidence eggs can turn bad cholesterol into good, which can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. This benefit can be particularly important for older adults.

To learn more about why eggs might be a healthy addition to your loved one’s diet, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We train all of our caregivers in senior nutrition, and maintaining a healthy diet is an important aspect of our Balanced Care Method, an evidence-based program that encourages healthy lifestyle choices. We also offer comprehensive Parkinson’s, dementia, and stroke care North Coast seniors and their families can count on. For more information on our aged care services, call one of our experienced Care Managers at (02) 6646 3527 to schedule a free consultation.