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4 Senior Explorers with Impressive Reputations

As a leading provider of home care, North Coast Home Care Assistance enjoys highlighting the lives of seniors who have accomplished impressive feats despite their age. The following 4 inspirational senior explorers prove it is possible to successfully go on extreme adventures in the golden years.

1. Reinhold Messner

Messner is a 72-year-old famous Italian adventurer who longitudinally crossed the Gobi Desert on foot in 2004, which is approximately 2,000 kilometers. He earned bragging rights when he climbed Mount Everest solo. Messner, along with fellow explorer Arven Fuchs, also crossed Antarctica on skis.

2. Sydney Possuelo

Possuelo is a 76-year-old Brazilian adventurer who has led hundreds of expeditions throughout the Amazon Jungle. In 2002, he led a 76-day expedition to locate the Arrow People. To this day, Possuelo continues to protect tribes from danger and has won many prestigious awards for his work and expeditions. In 2001, he won the United Nations “Hero of the Year” award.

3. Junko Tabei

Tabei was a 77-year-old Japanese explorer who passed away in October 2016. Between 1990 and 1991, she reached the highest point of Mount Vinson, which is Antarctica’s highest mountain. In 1992, she conquered Puncak Jaya and became the first woman to finish the Seven Summits. Even after her cancer diagnosis in 2012, she proved to be a true inspiration when she bravely continued to do most of her mountaineering activities.

4. Yuichiro Miura

Born in 1932, Miura is a senior thrill-seeker who has earned the impressive honour of becoming the oldest individual to climb Mount Everest at 80 years old in 2013, which he also did two previous times in his 70s. In 1970, he bravely skied down Everest’s South Col, using a parachute to stop his descent. A 1975 documentary was made about his extreme skiing adventure. Aside from Mount Everest, Miura has also proudly skied down Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan.

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