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Update on Coronavirus / COVID-19 and senior safety, click here for more information.

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To Our Valued Clients and Families,

Our immediate goal is to provide critical care while minimising risk to both clients and carers.

We have several practices in place for all carers. This includes:

  • All our Caregivers are trained in Infection Control. We have mandatory on-line training in best practice for COVID-19 for our Caregivers and we are paying them to do that additional training
  • The same training is recommended and available for families.

  • Our Caregivers are self-isolating at any sign of illness or any known exposure and are being tested for COVID-19 if they meet NSW government guidelines.
  • We have guaranteed to pay Sick Leave to any Caregiver who has to self isolate.
  • Gloves and sanitisers are available. We have only limited face masks and the current recommendation is that these are only used by people confirmed to be infected and treating health professionals

Additional practices will be put in place in conjunction with individual clients based on risk and available resources:

  • Discuss and review the required level of care. Less or shorter care shifts may be appropriate to reduce risk
  • Social distancing between carers and clients where possible and appropriate
  • Additional specific practices to minimise risk. For example, washing towels after each shower, anti-bacterial wipes for benches etc

The situation is changing quickly. If required, office staff are able to work from home and maintain ongoing phone support through our usual number. In the future, isolation and illness among care staff has the potential to reduce the availability of care staff. Closing schools will add to the challenges for some carers. We will endeavour to ensure that those with essential services are prioritised for support.

We will be in contact with individuals on a case-by-case based to ensure that everyone’s critical needs are me

Recommendations to clients:

  • Please try and avoid crowds, especially indoors. We can assist by having a carer do any essential shopping.
  • Practice social distancing. If family or friends visit, avoid hugging and kissing and maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres
  • Wash hands frequently following the hand washing guidelines. Handwashing should take a minimum of 20 seconds – or humming happy birthday to yourself twice https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/handwashing
  • Go on “news diet”. Try to avoid watching or listening to the news all day. Whilst it’s important to stay up to date, listening to “breaking news” all day can create needless anxiety.
  • Stay in touch with loved ones via phone or social media. It’s important that we all maintain social contacts even we chose to self-isolate

Please do not hesitate to call our office on 02 6646 3527, or our Mob: 0419 763 910 if you have any questions or further concerns.

Warmest Regards,

Meg, Dave, Kellie, Julie, Emily and Myee on behalf of our whole team.