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How to Build Your Elderly Loved One’s Self-Confidence

Some seniors suffer from low self-esteem because of loneliness or inactivity. If you look after a senior who is experiencing this right now, it’s important to find new and creative ways to bolster his or her self-confidence. North Coast at-home care professionals recommend the following methods to boost your loved one’s confidence.

Ask for Help

There are tasks that almost everyone can do, so ask your senior loved one to help you out. Consider doing the job with the senior as almost all common household tasks are easier when more than one person joins in the work. Think about turning on some of your senior’s favourite tunes and having a housecleaning party to make it more interesting.

Have a Date Day

Spend a day celebrating with your senior for no special reason. Start by getting his or her haircut and throw in a manicure or pedicure. Treat your loved one to a special meal at a fabulous restaurant and end the day by going to a concert or other special event.

Encourage Them to Get Involved

When seniors feel isolated, their their self-esteem often plummets. Therefore, try to get your senior involved in activities in the community. He or she may love the activities at a local senior citizen’s centre. Alternatively, your loved one may want to join a hobby group for quilting or jewellery making.

Find a Volunteer Position

Volunteering can often help seniors forget about their own problems while focusing on the needs of others. Consider encouraging your senior by telling him or her the story of Morrie Bogart who has knitted over 8,000 hats for Michigan’s homeless. He is in Hospice care and confined to a hospital bed most of the time.

Find a Part-Time Job

Think about jobs that the senior might enjoy. Federal programs like Experience Works and Foster Grandparents often do not interfere with the senior’s retirement funds.

If your senior has low self-esteem, one of the best things that you can do is to spend more time with them. Additionally, you can hire a trusted Alzheimer’s, dementia or North Coast stroke care professional to look after him or her. Home Care Assistance is the leading provider of in-home care that specialises in boosting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Call (02) 6646 3527 today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our unique care plans.